When a CSA is not what it seems article in the NY Times....

Community Supported Agriculture gone bad

click the link, it's a good article about the changing times for CSAs.

“Do consumers even know that when they sign up for one of these fake C.S.A.s, sometimes it doesn’t benefit local farmers any more than if they shop at the supermarket?” Ms. Kaplan-Walbrecht asked.
Probably not. The organic farm boxes you buy online may or may not be local. Local farm boxes may or may not be organic. The farmers may or may not be paid more than wholesale prices. And customers may or may not care.
“I just assume that if it’s organic, it’s good,” said Raquel Hoffman, a C.S.A. member in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. “I can’t also worry about whether it’s local, or whether the chickens were happy, and all that.”

Wow, it's so sad that every time the farmer starts to make a profit, the rug gets pulled out from under him. 


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