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Beauregard sweet potatoes...

Fall shadows and sunsets

Squash blossoms before the frost....

Florida chanterelles from a neighbor's yard

It's a cinnamon roll day, even though the fall weather isn't here yet

Packing day, radishes

A sample from last year's winter/spring veggies

Swiss Chard

Yesterday's conference

What is the real cost of raising chickens for eggs?

It is squash season on the farm

More drop off points!

Fall subscription boxes

We still have so many sunflowers blooming...what a sight.

When a CSA is not what it seems article in the NY Times....


The summer box subscription is coming to an end....

Apple pie stuffed cupcakes....enough said.

Happy Independence Day!

Question: Can I customize my box?

Drop off points.....

Green Beans

Today's box.....

The great peach fiasco....

Many people ask us what are the benefits of a CSA...

We planted these today...Golden Bush Summer Scallops Squash

More squash will be ready next week and hopefully some Italian Green Beans...

CSA copy of Local Harvest article....

Week 2

Spring boxes are completed.....

Today's box

Today's Box


What's up Wednesday?!

TODAY'S BOX 3/11/2016

Today's Box ~

Warm weather means flowering vegetables

Today's boxes

Head on over to this site and get your starter pack!

Great video explaining a CSA, in case you had questions...

Broccoli grows well in the cool season...

Why a CSA?

Red cabbage grows in the cool season in our zone..

CSA Day 2016

February 26 is CSA Sign up day from Small Farm Central....

Welcome to our new site!