Question: Can I customize my box?

Well, the good and the bad of it....No, you cannot, we are super sorry about it, but it is just logistics.  And this is the why of it..

1)  We are a small farm.

2)  We use hand tools so we do as little damage as possible to the soil structure.  We do not till.  This takes time.

3)  So, we do not want to waste any produce.  If you nor we do not eat it, it goes to waste.  With organic seed prices, soil amendments as costly as they are, that is not a sustainable way to farm. We want to be as sustainable as possible.

4)  Everyone shares the produce in a CSA, so if we give you more green beans, then we are taking another members' "equal share" away.

5)  One day we may be able to have the time and supplies to plant "extra", but right now is not that time for our farm.

Yes, it is a unique way to get your food supply, but there are also many pros to this way of eating.  You learn to eat seasonally and you get to try new foods you may have never tried before.  You support the local economy.  You get to know your farmer and they get to know your likes and dislikes which helps them determine what to plant season to season.  This makes the farm itself customizable to the members and a sustainable source of produce which is good for the farmer, the member and the soil.

No, a CSA is not for everyone.  Some people prefer the fun and excitement of picking out their own produce at a farmer's market (we are these types of folks, too) or a nice grocery store.  Some folks grow their own.  However, we know there is a need for folks who like fresh, local, picked that day produce from people they know and can talk to directly.  That is why we started our CSA.

So, if anything else, look for all the local farmers in our area to supply your needs, whether you choose a CSA or a local farmer who plants row crops or conventionally farms, supporting your local economy is never a bad choice.


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