Green Beans

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean (taken 30 days ago)

Right now, these babies are over the 8 foot high fence and loaded with blooms and small green beans.

Kentucky Wonder
65 Days (to green stage) — Although this variety is now almost exclusively known as 'Kentucky Wonder', it is a very old heirloom that has been known by many other synonyms over the decades.  According to the authoritative work, "Beans of New York," its other common names included, American Sickle Pole, Eastern Wonder, Egg Harbor, Georgia Monstrous Pole, Improved Southern Prolific, Missouri Prolific, Old Homestead Pole and Texas Pole.

A green pole bean with seven to nine inch long, fleshy (rather coarse), fiberless pods that can be slightly stringy.  They are curved, somewhat S-shaped, broad-oval and creasebacked in cross section, rough, wrinkled, with seeds filling to the tip and edge but not crowded.

Very reliable, early maturing, and productive. An old favorite enjoyed fresh, canned, frozen or dried. Its buffy-brown seeds can also be used dry as an excellent baking bean.

This popular variety was grown throughout the South by the 1850s and first mentioned in publication in an 1864 edition of "Country Gentleman" magazine under the name, 'Texas Pole'.  James J. H. Gregory & Sons released it commercially as 'Kentucky Wonder' in 1877.  Under this name or one of its many synonyms, it has been one of the most popular beans of all time.  Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 75 seeds.

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