Many people ask us what are the benefits of a CSA...

I found this great article...CSA benefits (click the link to read)

Believe it or not, most of our members are from out of town. Well, they were from out of town, usually in larger cities and were members of their CSA's before they moved to the NW Florida area.  So this is nothing new for them, but since we have been operating 4 years, we still don't see many CSAs in the panhandle.  It is a specialty produce type of purchase and it's not for everyone.

Check out the above article and let us know what you think.  We still consider ourselves learning so any input you can give would be fantastic!

This week we will have some heirloom tomatoes coming into bloom, so if you are not used to yellow tomatoes, give them a try.  They are really nice and smooth tasting.

We will also have some fresh garlic and garlic scapes.  I've been posting some recipes to try with garlic scapes.  We will also have some more leeks and onions.  These will be a variety of heirloom types.

It will, however, be the last of the lettuces for a few weeks.  We have had to get the shade cloth out to keep it from bolting.  It is a cooler weather crop and doesn't like the heat.  We may be able to get a few more weeks out of it if we shade it.

The pole heirloom green beans are coming on nicely and should be plentiful over the next few weeks as will the dill and the cucumbers.

The squash ran into a little trouble with the rain.  The rain will cause a lot of rot and wilting and fungus which is difficult to deal with if you don't spray with conventional fungicide, but they are looking happier so maybe next week we will have a bunch for you.


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