Drop off points.....

We often get asked, "Why only one drop off point?"  Well, we have had many drop off points in the past, so we are willing, but the long and the short of it is this, we haven't had the interest in the past year to start a new one.  We really need to have several members in one location to warrant a drop off point.  We also need to have a willing drop off point.  We are so thankful for the ladies at Old Thyme Remedies for use of their business to help support us!  They don't charge us at all, they are just that gracious!  So, if you need any of their products, please consider buying from them while you are there instead of buying online.

We have had drop off points as far as the back gates of Pensacola before all the way to Pace.   So, if you live a distance away and would like to offer your home or business as a drop off point, just give us a call, we will try to coordinate with members who live in your area or get you in touch with each other so to save time and gas for everyone.  We don't mind at all trying to work it out.No automatic alt text available.

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