The great peach fiasco....

Yes, this peach tree was loaded and the peaches looked fabulous and yes, the limb was so full and heavy it is touching the ground.

Well,  as it would go in organic gardening, we got attached by the plum circulio worm.  This little guy outsmarted us.  We have researched and researched a plethora of different organic methods to control this little guy and we thought we had him licked.  However, he found a way to outsmart us.  This worm you do not know you have until you bite into this peach.  See, he is in the pit, essentially and burrows his way out.  Most of our peaches had him and that is why we didn't pass it on to you guys.

We are still researching and have a few different sprays to try, but so far, the ones we have tried have not worked, but we feel confident that next year is the ticket!


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