What is the real cost of raising chickens for eggs?

We just read the best article from the Weston A Price foundation.  People ask us all the time why do eggs cost $5 per dozen when they are $1 at the store. It really is pretty accurate.  We pay about $3 per chick.  $.77 is a good deal and he must be buying a lot of chicks.

 He doesn't account for deaths in your flock, etc. or non gmo food which is so expensive.

 We are  so thankful that our members understand the cost of raising food that has life and vitality.  Our members are so educated on health and wellness and what it costs to do what we do.  We are truly blessed!

Here is the article:  The real cost of raising food

Here is a simple breakdown:
From the article:

Readers may blanch at the idea of paying $12 for a dozen eggs. Most people shake their heads in disbelief knowing that they would never pay that amount. Very few nod their heads in agreement. Most individuals in pursuit of the “super” egg that is free of all bad things and loaded with good things and sells at nearly the same price as retail store eggs find themselves bouncing from one vendor to another as farmers find their operations too costly and discontinue operations. In Colorado, a family farm with the largest CSA in the state and over 12,000 chickens filed for bankruptcy last year. Another well-established family farm which had sold eggs for decades relinquished its market.

Table 1: Costs per Dozen Eggs
ITEM                   Cost
Buy chick & raise     0.77
Shelter and yard      1.00
Mobile tractor           0.33
Feed                         2.80
Utilities                     0.30
Labor                        5.00
Packaging                  0.35
Transportation           0.76
Land                         0.11
Supplies                    0.10
Profit                        Not really to speak of
TOTAL                       11.52


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