What's up Wednesday?!

Question ~ Do you have summer box subscriptions available?

Yes, we do.  We have been working very hard over the past few years and our goal was set to be able to increase our productivity to be able to accommodate more people in the Pensacola and surrounding areas with fresh produce, in season, of course.  This year, we will be able to support 45 shares in our summer boxes.  That is up 25% from last year.  This is awesome, because it means we can have a solid 45, loyal, core customers who believe the way we do that produce should be local and fresh.  From the calls we receive, we know that there are more than 45 in the area, so we are also looking to increase next year.  We will have the goal in mind to increase until we feel that we are losing touch with our core customer base.

Question ~ Are you raising your prices this year since the costs of production have gone up?

No, we are not raising our prices this year. We have been very careful to save seed where we can and be frugal with our planting.  We raise most all of our produce from seed ourselves and that saves a lot of cost which we can pass on to you.

 We offer a $25 box with a $5 gas/fuel/driving./handling fee per box.  If you come to the farm, we waive this since you are using your fuel and your time and we do not have to do this.  With the price of gas and the cost of your time, this is really a good deal.  We love to have you come up here, however, whenever you like.  We will be happy to waive the fee on those days which you do.  We like to offer at least 6-9 items in each box.  We value them between $3 - $4 a bunch/container/bag.  Some days, depending on the weather, etc.  you usually get way more than $25 worth of organically grown produce.


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