Bye bye weeds....

What with teaching, truck driving, homeschooling, working, baseball, football and a plethora of other activities, we just need some help with the hoes and weeders.  So, we use old hay to place in between the rows.  We farm intensively which means we place 4 to 5 rows together (see Eliot Coleman's books and methods) and then we have a walking space in between.  Instead of tilling that space( to keep it pretty for everyone to think we are doing a great job) then we mulch it with hay.  So, we buy rolls of it to put in the garden.  This also helps with evaporation and makes a nice home for the earthworms and also gives nutrients back into the soil while it breaks down.  Yes, we know there are weed seeds in it, but those put back precious nutrients in to the soil, too.  Keeping the structure of the soil sound is the way to go when you are gardening organically.  

Permaculture is not a new idea, but it is a rapidly growing one.  Research it and see if it will work in your back yard. :)


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