To keep records is such a tedious task, or is it?

When running the homestead or a farm business, we are finding daily that it is crucial to keep accurate records.  We like to think that we will remember what we planted or how many days it took to germinate, etc.  However, we are usually wrong.  We rarely remember what was planted if we don't have it written down or documented somewhere.  This is crucially important in organic farming.  Rotation of your crops is vital to your success in ensuring that the new crop has ample nutrition in the soil.  There are some plants which give off nitrogen (legumes, for example) and this nitrogen feeds the next plant.  There are many acronyms farmers use to remember this.  People Like Bunches of Roses is one. (Potatoes/Nightshades, Legumes, Brassicas and Roots)

Crop rotation helps eliminate most insects, soil pathogens and keeps the soil regenerated.  That seems to be the new buzzword in farming.  Regenerative farming.  Hey, we've been cool by doing this for 16 years and didn't even know it.  We just know it works with making sure our produce grows well without having to add so many additives into the living soil. 

So, we will always keep records to help ensure that we didn't forget anything and to remember if there is anything cyclical in the weather, produce, etc.  It will be nice to look back on these notes in the future and pass them along to other aspiring new farmers who want to skip a few steps. 

Until next time,


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