How does a small farm make growing economical?

Red Russian Kale transplants

As we all know, large corporations have capital to get them started in profit building.  However, how does a small farmer do this?  One way we do this is the CSA model of agriculture.  In this model, we know the amount of produce we need to grow each season.  We eliminate so much waste this way.  We also are able to pinpoint how much we need to plant by knowing how many members on the farm we have.  Another really good way is that we start our plants primarily by seed.  By growing our transplants by seed we are able to buy top quality organic seed.  We are also able to monitor them throughout the immature stages to ensure a good harvest.  We know the temperatures they are exposed to and the soil content.  

So, for these reasons, we have already purchased our seeds for the spring and summer seasons.  They are already sprouting in the high tunnel.  Some of them have already been transplanted, but throughout the season we will have baby plants and seedlings ready to go into the soil.

Have any questions?  Give us a call.  We will be happy to help in any way we can.  The Spring boxes start on February 25 and we have a few openings.  

Locally yours,

The Aliff Family


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