Flashback cukes

 This pic is from our "early days" of the CSA.  I don't know how I had time to take pictures.  Those were busy days filled with homeschooling and baseball games and football games and you name it.  I was an avid photographer, though.  I knew I needed to be the memory keeper, so I took lots of photos for our family blog and the farm to help boost our business.  Social media really wasn't a thing back then.  For me, it wasn't anyway.  Now days go by when I think to myself, WOW, I haven't even posted on the business website (since I am chief marketer/pr person/accountant, seed orderer, planner and planter, among many other things.  LOL.).  So, if you don't see a post in a while, it's because I'm planting seeds, or pruning plants, feeding chicks, moving compost or putting the frost cloth back over the row so the birds won't eat the carrot seeds because the kittens moved it for the umpteenth time.  

Until next time...


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