It's been a hot minute....

 Well, we survived the floods.  Now it's time to get serious about some fall transplanting and cleaning up around here.  This week we transplanted some mustards, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes for fall harvest.  We also planted the pumpkin transplants, but we aren't sure they are loving all of this water.  We know the squash didn't.  We had to replant those.  

The livestock, however, is loving the tall, well-watered pasture.  We only feed them so they will stay friends with us.  It makes them easier to load on "the" day.  :)

The chickens are slowly starting to lay again.  Sometimes the heat just gets too much for them.  This year they have two baby goats to keep them company.  Hopefully Goober and Gomer (the kids) will keep the foxes at bay.

We will be starting back up on 9/26.  The new form has been uploaded on the menu/tabs page.  This season is our favorite time to plant and harvest.  The days get shorter, but the weather is more temperate, and the pest pressure is not too bad compared to the summer.

We hope everyone is doing well.

Until next time.....


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