Soaring temps, but it's seed planting time...

Hey all!  It's seed starting time in zone 8b.  We can't breathe outside in the hot weather unless it's before 9am or after 5pm, but it's time to be thinking about those cool weather plants right now.  Yep.  Right now.  We love Johnny's and Hoss Tools seeds among others.  It's not a one and done with us.  We used to exclusively use Baker Creek, but in production we needed some f1 varieties resistant to our insects and disease pressure in such a hot and humid place. 

So, we have an inside seedling nursery for those cool weather crops and we "harden" them off before setting them outside.  We use lots and oodles of shade cloth to help get them started along with insect netting.  It's worth it for that broccoli and lettuce in the fall.  Trust me.  

We just opened our Fall CSA for new subscribers.  We have upped the member count.  Should be a good amount of people trusting us for their food.  We take that seriously.  Right now we are planting a variety so that they won't get bored. We went to the traditional grocery store the other day and man, those prices were high.  We are so thankful for folks who support their local farmer, local a/c repairman, local anything.  We salute you!  

Until next time.....



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