Flowers, finally....

This year was so hard for flowers.  The drought, the heat.  I think I lost half of them.  I irrigated what I could, but well water is just not the same and some of them just cannot hang on in so much heat and no rain.  However, it's propagating time and seed planting time.  It has rained.  It has rained again.  The cooler temperatures are coming in and everything is greening up and looking lovely again.  What a nice remembrance that beauty is just around the corner if we choose to look for it and wait for it. 

I love this cabbage rose.  

The first bouquet of the CSA season for fall.  

Love this shot.  @downinthedeltajewelry is the photographer

Seriously.  How she sees these colors in her camera is beyond me.  I'm grateful she is one of our loyal farm members, though.  (She just took this while she was here picking up her produce box).

We are grateful and thankful for friends, loyal local farm members, rain, flowers, seeds, farm managers who steward our farm well and help us as we grow as a farm and rain.

Until next time.....



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