New year coming up...


What a blessing to have my youngest son back home and really putting in so much effort to keep the farm going and getting it really beautiful and productive up here.  I've had some challenges lately and it is so good to have some help and have him just step in and take a load off of me. My kids are amazing.  What a blessing they are to me.   Trying to make the farm really profitable so it can be a good income for "retirement" for me and income for him is daunting, but we are doing it.  

We just made a wonderful list of great things in the spring to plant, new seeds, new varieties and a new outlook.  It is really inspirational to talk about what fires you up and gets you going.  

The podcast seems to be doing so well.  I am so grateful for that, also.  We are reaching folks who just want to NOT reinvent the wheel and they are ready to put some effort on the front side in learning and getting some insight.  Listening to those who have been there and done that really helps.  Even if you find just that one thing you needed to hear. 

The new dates are set for the CSA and the farm is rolling along for 2024.

Until next time...


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