French shallots

Coming to you this summer, french shallots.  We started growing these when we saw how costly they were in the store.  Cooking with them is much like cooking with a very mild onion.  Great flavor, mild taste.

The summer subscriptions are going well.  We have reached our halfway mark and still have 20 shares left.  Delivery starts on May 22 and lasts through the first Monday in August.  We have some new tomatoes in our heirloom varieties to share.  Last year we had Cherokee purples and Brandywines.  We have those this year, but are also planting Black Krim, Abe Lincolns and a mortgage lifter.  They are all green right now, but loving these warmer temps.

We have three different varieties of eggplants in the ground now and two more in the seedling trays.  We are excited about what is coming this year.  Join us!

Locally yours,
The Aliff Family


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