Okay, in our effort to support local, sustainable agriculture, especially small farmers, we are going to answer periodic questions we receive.  Here is one concerning a CSA...

Why can't I choose what I get in my share each week?

Well, in a nutshell, we are not a grocery store which can incur large waste losses.  We are a small farm and we take great care in the produce we plant and nurture, but if they are not purchased, we lose time, effort, energy and capital. With farming, it is all about timing.  Produce only lasts for a few days.  If you don't have a purchaser, you incur a loss once your product is ready.  For our own personal interest, we do not like the waste of the costly labor and product if it doesn't sell, secondly, it is not economical.  If we do not farm economically, we are not using our members' share money wisely. We want to utilize the income we receive as economically and sustainably as we can.  We want to be around for a long time and continue to add more shareholders/members as time goes on.  Essentially, we want to grow our farm and if we make bad business decisions, then we won't be here for long.

So, by using good business/farming practices, we can plan for a certain amount of shareholders each season, pray for good weather and share seasonable produce as it ripens with our wonderful shareholders who understand the concept of what we are trying to do.  CSA membership is not for everyone, that is why we have wonderful farmer's markets where you can go and purchase exactly what your family needs.  However, for those adventurous folks who love surprises every week in the produce box and set out to make recipes and try new things, maybe a CSA is your ticket to supplying your family's produce needs.

Hope this helps!


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