Kieffer pears and cherry tomatoes....

Awww these hard old fashioned pears.  They are so good for making preserves and butter as they don't fall apart when cooked like a bartlett would.  They will get ripe enough to eat without cooking, but they are still a bit crunchy to me.

Here is what the ARBOR day foundation has to say about them...

Kieffer PearPyrus communis x P. pyrifolia

Said to be an accidental hybrid, the Kieffer pear is a hardy tree. It grows rapidly, lives long, is disease-resistant and bears a large crop. It also tolerates a wide range of climates, thriving in northern states as well as hotter southern states. In fact, the Kieffer pear is the most widely planted pears in the South.
The golden yellow fruit has white flesh that is crisp and coarse in texture—excellent for canning, baking, preserves and pear honey. The tree produces fruit late September to October.Source


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