WE made it! Week 10 and did not have to cancel any weeks....

Okay, so we were worried!  Yep, worried.  WE have never had to cancel a box and were stressing that with the big rain and loss of crop we would have to, but we made it and our wonderful members hung in there and so therefore, we are working like gangbusters to make sure that the Fall boxes for you all are spectacular.  We are so happy and thankful and feeling really blessed for those of you who hung in there with us as we tried to salvage what was left and make the boxes worthy.  

Thanks so much!  We are looking forward to the fall subscriptions, we could not have done it without our members. :)

The fall boxes will start on September 18, but we are limiting the subscription to 30 boxes.  If you are already a member, you have a spot reserved for you, just touch base with us to let us know.


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