Deep South Homestead Spring Gathering in Wiggins, Mississippi

Daniel Smith the Psalmist from Youtube did an excellent job singing some songs for us.

Jessica from Roots and Refuge Farm on Youtube gave an amazing talk.

The working man and I went to the Spring Gathering in Wiggins, Mississippi to fellowship with some other homesteaders.  You know, sometimes you just need that "shot in the arm" so to speak.  It is always nice to talk and share ideas with other folks who are doing the same thing that you are.  They speak your language.

Jessica, from  Roots and Refuge Farm was the main speaker.  She did an amazing job. Her Youtube Channel is real and honest.  Go take a look.  This homestead movement is grass roots.  The younger folks are really looking for what is real and valuable in this world.  They are trying to seek knowledge that seems to have skipped a generation or two.

TJ got to talk a little to Danny from the The Deep South Homestead.  It was really a nice day.  The rain held off so we could visit with the vendors and buy some of their wares.  It is always nice to support folks who are looking to finance a dream.

We are back home now, the freeze is over and the planting for the summer subscriptions is underway.  The spring boxes are progressing nicely with the lovely greens and root vegetables.  Soon we will have the flowering vegetables that gardens are so well known for, like tomatoes and squashes.  Today I planted pickling cucumbers in the high tunnel.  I am hoping to have enough to sell buy the bushel for those folks who want some organically grown canned foods of their own. 

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