This is a batch from tomatoes in recent years.  Oh, how we are hoping for a bumper crop this year.  The weather seems to be playing nicely after the hard freeze of last week.  Tomatoes are a staple around here.  We eat them raw, can them, freeze name it, we love tomatoes.  Heirlooms are a favorite, like Cherokee Purple and Russian Krim.  However, the new hybrids are really starting to have some good flavors and not just a uniform look.  Did you know that hybrids are still non-gmo?  People have been hybridizing fruits for centuries.  That is how we get them to acclimate to our climates.  We cross two plants with the traits that we like and plant those seeds.  However, you have to do this every year.  A hybrid plant will not produce seed that is identical to itself.  There is so much to learn from tomatoes.  :)  

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