So, why would I want to invest in a share of your harvest?

Some reasons why our shareholders invest in our farm:
• Some of our shareholder/members like getting veggies that are not available at the local supermarket.

• Many of our members are health conscious.  They enjoy knowing where the food comes from and how we grow it.

• The concept of supporting local farms is important to the shareholder.  They like the feeling of being in community with each other. 

• To some families it’s about interacting with the outdoors and picking up the produce at the farm and experiencing life on the farm and helping children learn how their food is grown.

• For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles your food travels, and the amount of fossil fuels that is used to transport your food, (your average vegetable travels over 1500 miles before it’s consumed).

• Many of our families enjoy the community environment where like-minded people share recipes, ideas and experiences, as well as sharing the vegetables! (check out our pinterest page)!


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