Fermenting radishes....

Did you know that fermented foods are good for your gut?  Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut is on the rise, at least it is being recognized more frequently.  Live probiotics help heal the gut and with the box this week,you can make your own.

Take your radish bunch and grate or slice the radishes,  add some sea salt and cover with filtered (this is important...bleach in tap water can inhibit the growth of the good bacteria. Because, well, hey, bleach kills all bacteria, good and bad)  Make sure you add something above the water to keep the radishes under it, like a very clean weight or rock or wrap some cabbage leaves and tuck them down along the sides of the jar.  Let this sit on your counter for a few days and voila!  You have fermented our own live probiotics.  Now toss those babies on to a salad or fish or chicken for a nice, salty, crunchy treat!

Google "fermenting" and you will come up with a world of possibilities!

Enjoy your day!


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