Whoa, hold on spring!

This spring weather has been great for our flowering plants, but our cool weather lovers are showing strain.  We are trying to shade the cauliflower and broccoli, but they seem to be ready to bolt too quickly.  Our roses, however, are happy for the warmer days,so are the tomatoes.  This year we are planting a few new (to us) heirlooms to see how they do in our zone.  We are experimenting with Black Krim, Abe Lincoln, and Boxcar Willie to name a few.  We are also trying a hybrid grape called Jelly Beans.

In the past we have not planted corn because of the cost of the non-gmo varieties, but we think we will try it this year with some local hybrids.  Look forward to that in the boxes in the summer.

This week has been busy planting out our fruiting summer plants.  We have several new varieties of squash and french melon.  We love the ability to now find sources for varieties from all over the country and seeds that families have saved through the generations.

We are also busy fermenting radishes and collards.  Do you ferment?  It is a great way to get probiotics in your system.

Have a blessed day!


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