Breakfast, start to finish....

Many of you have asked us how we cook what we we are having red russian kale with eggs and pastured pork bacon for breakfast.  Everything from the farm.  It is a pretty typical breakfast around here and very simple.  The kale has a tough stem that you need to remove.  Once it is removed, just chop the kale to bite sized pieces.  While you are chopping this, the bacon can be frying. 

   Sorry, no pics of the bacon!  Once the bacon is finished, remove some of the grease.  You can use the bacon grease if it is pastured.  If it is not, drain it and wipe out your skillet.  Add a healthy fat, like coconut oil or duck fat or even ghee.  Fry a couple of pastured eggs to get those good omegas in there before lunch time. 
 I like mine a bit runny.  Then saute' the kale in bacon fat or duck fat or a bit of avocado oil. 

You can even choose to saute the kale first if you like your eggs to stay pretty warm.  Serve it up and enjoy.  Yep, it's keto, paleo and gluten free. :)  


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