The honeysuckles are blooming at the north end of the county, a sure sign of spring. The weather is still very much spring-ish which explains why the greens are still looking and tasting fabulous.  They love the cooler temperatures.  The bees are loving it, also.  They are enjoying all of the blooming activity up here on the farm.  We are hoping for a good harvest of spring honey in a few weeks or months.  This will be our first, big harvest of honey.  We harvested about 4 quarts in the fall.  It will be interesting to see how the honey taste differs from season to season.  

We are getting ready to open the summer membership up to the public.  We offer it to our current members first to make sure if they want to continue, they can.  It is kind of a thank you from us to them for being loyal supporters of the farm.  Farming is risky business and takes a lot of capital and labor up  front, so when folks believe in your product ahead of time, it really means a lot. :)  

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful spring day!  Locally yours,  The Aliffs


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