Can you smell these yeast rolls?

It is getting to be so cool here, well, cool for north Florida.  Today it will top 81 degrees.  That's cool for us.  It means more baking, even if it's not baking day.  We started offering yeast rolls in the boxes this week and will continue throughout the fall box subscriptions and the winter box subscription.  The house smells wonderfully.  I have been thinking about making a video on roll making. Any interest out there?

It has been busy on the farm this week.  The hens are so glad the extra roosters are gone and are laying happily.  We are getting over one dozen eggs every day.  Even with molting season, that's a great number.  Lots of new plantings are going in the rows.  This weekend we will be fixing the ends on the high tunnel.  We are going to add two doors so we can see how long we can keep tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers from freezing.  It will also hopefully give us a big start on fresh tomatoes for the spring boxes.  There is always a learning curve around here.  But, we are making progress.

Enjoy the cool weather.  ~  The Aliff family


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