Pests in the garden or on the farm...

Ohhh, those pesky insects!  They eat everything they are not supposed to eat, right?  Well, actually, they are good for the environment.  When you have too many insects eating your vegetables or fruit, it is a sign that something is not right with your plant or your environment.  There are plenty of good bugs to eat up the bad bugs.  You should always see a balance in your garden or on your farm.  However, if you are overwhelmed and need to get rid of an insect quickly, you can use alternative bio-insecticide measures.  A good one that we use on the farm is using a bug or an insect netting.  It is similar to a frost cloth of sorts.  It really help with the flying creatures that land on and lay eggs in our brassica type plants (like mustards, cabbages, etc. ).  You can also use many "safe" insecticides.  These contain pyrethrum a substance found in chrysanthemums.  However, they don't only kill the good insects, they will harm the good ones, also.  They are not selective.  So, please, make sure that you use it only as a last resort. 


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