The new schedule for the Winter boxes is ready!

We are so glad to announce that we will be having winter boxes again!   We usually take the winter off, but last year we had so much beautiful produce in the winter that we are going to open it up to our members to subscribe for this season.

We live in a lovely zone 8b climate.  This means that in the winter season we will have broccoli, rapini, lettuces, radishes, collards, turnips, garlic, carrots and a smorgasbord variety of produce that loves cool weather.  We will let you know the varieties as we plant them.  We are also implementing a new newsletter system.  Information to come soon.  This will help us be able to communicate weekly what will be harvested as soon as we know it will be ready.  This will help with menu planning for those of you working with food budgets.

The winter subscription will be a 10 week subscription.   They will start on November 26th and continue until February 11th.  It will also have a break on the 24th (Christmas Eve) and December 31st (New year's eve).

The new member agreements will be ready soon. Keep checking back!  Below is a pic of one of our winter boxes in the past.

~  Your local farm family, the Aliffs


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