The spring box subscription has been successful! 
We want to welcome all of our new members!  The lettuces are looking fabulous!  This weather is the best time of year to farm.  However, we have not had the killing frosts that we needed for the pest and weeds. There is always something to bend with and conform to in the farming world.  This is the fun of it for us.  We just have to look at it from a different paradigm.  

This week we are planting our warm weather crops, like tomatoes, squashes, and the rest of the fruiting plants.  We are in great hopes that we can harvest some for the end of the spring boxes.  We are trying a new tomato this year, called Rutgers.  It is not new to the tomato world, but it is new to our CSA.  We have grown them before, but not in this quantity.  They are supposed to have a super taste!  We are also again growing our orange, pink and purple varieties.  Tomatoes have such a variety of flavors.  In the south, we eat them on light bread with mayonnaise and salt and pepper as a sandwich.  We also stew them with okra or just eat them sliced as a side dish.  It's good to know they will be here within 60 days.  

Until next time....


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