Healthier choices

With the world in such unsettledness right now, it's good to feel that we are prepared for our families and households.  Those of us who have supplies for at least a few weeks can feel good about their abilities to have a vision for their households.  Sometimes we never know if it will pay off, however, we are reassured in times like these that preparation, in anything, is key.  So you can imagine why  I couldn't believe the rush on toilet paper and hand sanitizers.  I have had so many calls to purchase elderberry syrup this week.  I was surprised by how many local friends use it for immune boosting. So, I planned to add to my inventory.   You can imagine my surprise when I could not find organic elderberries online.  It was sold out everywhere.  I eventually found it locally.  Even my elderberry cuttings on order were sold out.  (Our goal is to plant them around the chicken house to harvest on our own while supplying shade in the summer for the girls.)  I know of many local areas where this lovely plant is growing, so this year I will be wildcrafting for next year's batch. 

For those of us who do not use Clorox or bleach, I am so glad DoTerra has done their best to keep  OnGuard in stock.  I love the uses of it and I love the smell.  It sure beats the bleach smell which wreaks havoc on my autoimmune sensitive body.

I hope this finds you all well, finding rest in your daily routine and able to finish some of those chores you kept putting off.  Enjoy your family and loved ones.  This too shall pass.

Until next time....


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