Okay, we've talked about it and

Okay, we have talked about it at length and this summer and probably into the fall we are going to increase production for our local area. Our goal is 60 boxes.  We can do it!   We are also going to plant an extra bit for the gardening challenge by Hollis and Nancy's coronavirus challenge #coronavirusgardenchallenge to share with those who really need food.

We also are adding home deliveries as needed if we can.  We are trying to find extra labor to help with this.  Wow, how things have changed.We were thinking of fencing in the pasture for grass fed beef, starting the flower farm for local organic flowers, but it seems our priorities are changing to meet the need at hand.  Our goal is still to retire and provide a local variety of food for the community that is fresh, new and different tasting varieties and organically grown.  We are still dreaming for now. 

Hoping ya'll are all staying safe.

Until next time...


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