Eat your greens

Everyone is juicing (the #celeryjuice is a real thing) and trying to eat healthy, local, sustainable.  Swiss chard is one of those mighty powerhouse veggies that really are packed with nutrients. This little baby is packed with phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin A and calcium to name a few.  Whether you juice them, saute them with garlic and your choice of fat, toss them raw in salads or ferment them for probiotic health, swiss chard is a must for our weekly boxes.  They are a green, so they prefer cool weather, but will hold out for us if we take care of them, under shade, until the middle of our summer boxes.

To spice it up a bit, we love to plant the lipstick variety which is kind of pinkish.  The bright lights variety has orange, red and yellow. There is also the original white. The taste is the same, but as the saying goes, "we eat with our eyes".  

This week has been a bunch of crazy  we must be out of our mind for wanting to farm really nice hours working in the soil and transplanting plants after all of this rain.  All of a sudden, it's summertime.  Here we go, time for fruiting plants to make their debut. So many beautiful tomatoes are blooming now.  We even have blue ones this year.   Eating healthy is fun and it's colorful.  

Until next time....


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